Benefits of Fabric Buildings, Structures and Aircraft Hangars

Why do you need fabric structures? just find out here about benefits of tensile fabric structures, portable shelters and temporary fabric buildings.

No foundations

All but the largest Fabric-Structures can be installed with no foundation. Anchoring is accomplished in different manners for different surfaces. Fabric-Structures placed on virgin earth, asphalt or gravel are anchored using 40" spiral anchors. Simply let us know you intend to install on one of the above surfaces and we will supply you with the spiral anchors or concrete wedge anchors.

No Permits

No foundation is a very important consideration because of the reduced installation costs, time needed for installation and because over the years we have found many times "no foundation" means "no permit". Please check with your local building department for their requirements regarding permits. Only they can determine if a permit is going to be required for your application.

Quick Assembly

Fabric Structures can be erected faster than virtually any other type of structure on the market. Smaller sizes can be erected by a crew of two or three people using hand tools and a couple of ladders in as little as few hours to a day or two. Larger sizes may require lifting equipment, a three to five person crew and a few days.

As a rule of thumb, large Fabric-Structures can be erected at a rate of about 2000 square feet per day with a crew of four to five people. Because of their lightweight and ease of assembly, these temporary structures are perfect for use as instant workshops in remote locations and on construction sites. Because there are no expensive foundations required you are able to erect a Fabric-Structure in less time, with less effort and less hassles than any other product on the market.


Large Fabric-Structures are built for long term use, 15 to 25 years or more. Once you realize this you understand why we so many customers have bought our "temporary" solution to their weather protection needs only to find themselves still using it, in the same place 5, 10, 15 and 20 years later.


Fabric-Structures can be un-assembled in about half of the time that is required to assemble them, which makes relocating the structure simple to achieve. When a job or application is completed the fabric structure can be moved to a new location where it can be used again. If you no longer have a need for the unit you can easily re-sell it. Check with us and we will assist you with your resell.


What exactly does temporary mean? Many building departments define temporary as a structure that is in place for 90 days or less, but over the years we have found many times "no foundation" may mean "no permit". To be quite honest most building departments have a hard time classifying our structures.

For instance suppose you have a wheel mounted or crane liftable structure and after 90 days you move it a few feet from where you originally placed it, it can be argued that the 90 day period should start all over. In fact you could argue that a wheel mounted structure isn't a building at all but rather a piece of equipment and not subject to building code. We recommend that you work closely with your building officials prior to installing any type of structure because they are the authority in your area.

Wheel Mountable

Marine Fabric Structures bene wheel Virtually any of our products can be wheel mounted. We provide box beam trusses, called reinforced ground-slides, for the sides of our structures and end panels when needed. These reinforced ground-slides provide additional frame stability when wheel mounting is desired. Additionally, we can also provide virtually any type of wheel you may need depending on the surface on which you wish to roll your structure.

Crane Lifting

Marine Fabric Structures bene crane Crane lifting a structure also requires the reinforce ground-slide discussed under wheel mounting. Choosing the reinforced ground-slide option makes your Fabric-Structure the most versatile type of enclosure you can buy anywhere.


All Fabric-Structures are clearspan, which means you get more cubic feet of coverage than virtually any other type of construction. This is extremely important when interior height is a concern because you get more usable space than with standard construction methods. There are no internal poles or supports of any kind to get in your way or to have to work around.

Natural Light

Practically all of the photographs you see here on our web site and in our brochure of the interior of our structures were taken without the need for flash or artificial lights. The feeling you get inside one of our structures gives you an open airy feeling of being outdoors. When you choose a translucent fabric there is, normally, enough light transmittance that electrical light is not required during daylight hours to perform most tasks. If you require an environment that is dark you can choose an opaque or blackout fabric. These fabrics will stop, virtually, all light transmittance and create a totally dark environment.

Long Lasting

There are several factors that determine life expectancy, but the frame itself will probably last as long as you own it possibly much longer. Our lightest weight vinyl covers come with a 5 year pro-rated warranty and a life of 10 to 12 years. Upgraded covers carry 10 year pro-rated warranties with life expectancies of 20 to 25 years. All Fabric Structures-USA fabrics have UV inhibitors that extend their lives.