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Fabric Structures-USA goes to Antarctica with its sights set on the South Pole.
Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the most inhospitable place on earth?” Some might say the Sahara Desert or maybe Death Valley because of the intense heat, but what about another kind of desert, like Antarctica? Antarctica is a desert of ice. Where instead of blazing temperatures you have temperatures that are the coldest ever recorded on earth, -93.2°C(-135.8°F)and winds of up to 199MPH. Most people would agree the Antarctica may just well be the most inhospitable continent on earth.


Fabric Structures-USA recently completed a joint project with Lockheed Martin IS&GS, RSA Engineering and the NSF to furnish a storage structure they could use for hazardous waste storage at McMurdo Station. In addition to the environmental conditions, Antarctica is also one of the most highly environmental sensitive locations on the planet. McMurdo Station is basically the starting point for all Antarctic research and exploration. The challenge to Fabric Structures-USA was to build a structure that would withstand high winds and cold temperatures. Others had failed at providing a solution but Fabric Structures was determined to meet those challenges. After months of design and requirements reviews Fabric Structures was awarded a contract to furnish a 40’W x 40’L x 28’H Extra High Quonset Style Fabric Structure with an 8’ eave height. The structure was to be covered in a 28-oz Low Temperature Arctic PVC fabric made by the Seaman’s Corporation out of Ohio. This fabric is one of the highest quality fabrics available anywhere in the world today, if not the highest. The frame of the structure was designed for 130MPH winds and a snow load of 60PSF. The flooring consisted of an Armor Deck portable system capable of driving heavy equipment on yet transportable.


The structure has now completed one season of use. RSA Engineering and the NSF was so pleased they have contracted with Fabric Structures-USA for 2 more structures. One to serve as the passenger terminal for inbound and outbound scientist headed to the Antarctic. The other structure is to be used as storage building for the Challenger, an over-ice exploration vehicle that allows scientist to reach the South Pole by land.
This project proves Fabric Structures-USA has the capabilities to meet your needs no matter what the conditions. Fabric Structures will work with you to design a structure that will not just meet your needs but exceed them, even if your application is at the most environmentally extreme location on earth.


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